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Fresco Lime paint is made for walls, but I like to use it on furniture, too. In this case, my french, wrought iron chandelier in my kitchen, painted a few years ago with Duck Egg Blue Chalk Paint. I loved it, but I’m slowly moving out of my blue phase and into neutrals.

white rhino frescoWhite Rhino, I felt like I was going on an adventure just opening the can. Not quite a gray, not quite a brown, it is the perfect color, without being either one and yet a blend of both.

chandeliergrey copy

Since it is a 3 person job to take it down and put it back up, I painted it in place. Pure & Original recommends using their primer first, but I decided to take a chance and go directly to the Fresco. Luckily I experienced no problems with adherence over the Chalk Paint. One thick coat was all it took to cover the blue. And, amazingly, I only had to use one color to achieve this rich, velvety finish with lush tonal variation.

Painting a chandelier is remarkably easy. For a step by step, start to finish diy, check out my 3 part video series, Transform an Ordinary Brass  Chandelier Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3





Becky backert

Ah. To paint over ASCP worked like a charm for you! I like the no primer no wax part too. Deliberating what color white to buy. Might paint everything in sight white and tine my wax to enhance details in the corners.

Jessica Van Den Berg

Lovely as always! It’s amazing how much variation you got from just one color with this paint; it definitely looks as though you used at least two and blended. What a time saver-I’m loving learning about this brand through your blog!


This is the type of finish I want to paint on a few pieces of furniture! If I am painting on factory finished furniture, do I need to prime? And the colors are wonderful online, but are they listed on the color chart you can buy, or are the colors only the Classic colors? I live in Louisiana and don’t believe there are any stockers around here. I would love to get my hands on an actual color chart for the Fresco line of paints. BTW, I only suggest your blog when asked about painting items. Your pieces are so beautiful! Your background in art helps your pieces come out outstanding. I am so happy that you have tutorials to help us who don’t have the eye you do. Thanks again.


How beuatiful! It definitely looks like more than one color was used. i was wondering when you originally did this in chalk paint if you used wax for the fnish. Did you paint over that, too?

Kelly Ann Voyce

This morning I stumbled upon your blog, about the painting of your Chandelier with Chalk Paint via “Pinterest”. First of all, “Wow, very pretty, and vintagy”, secondly, I am looking for a very similar chandelier for my kitchen, “as is”, never realizing I could find and possibly use any light fixture I like, and then with painting it, “love it.”

From the bottom of my hesrt, I thank you so much for sharing your talents, it is greatly appreciated. Because, with my funds being tight, Ive been searching for an affordable light fixture, never imagining that I could paint, just about any type of fixture and make it my own.

Regards, Kelly Ann Voyce


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