Inspired By Pottery Barn


This is a project I’ve been meaning to share for a while. It was inspired by a mirror I saw in the Pottery Barn catalogue that I loved but was a tad overpriced. It proved  to be an easy DIY and very affordable.

mirror 4



Here is how I did it with supplies from Home Depot. I purchased a 4′ x 8′ piece of plywood and had them cut it to  4′ x 5′ and used it as the foundation. My other purchases included 4 boxes of 12″ x 12″ Mirror tiles (6 to a box), adhesive, and a package of  brass nailhead tacks.

supply list


It was a simple process of applying the adhesive to the back of each mirror tile and placing them on the plywood. I used 20 tiles, but you could easily adjust the size larger or smaller according to your needs.

Using wire cutters, I cut the nail part off the tacks and glued them where the corners of the tiles met.( I only needed 12). I framed it with decorative molding (already on hand) that I spray painted gold. From there it was just a matter of securing it to wall.


Usually I do all my posts on a huge Mac desktop using Adobe Photoshop. This week, while I’m out of town, I’m working from my Ipad, and frankly I’m not very good with mobile devices, especially for blogging. Please bear with me as I struggle to get my posts up. Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook where I will be sharing some my adventures in Atlanta.

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Sheila Falcucci

I envision the gluing of the tacks challenging , what type of glue and do you have any tips for us. I know I would probably get the glue all over the mirrored tiles.
This is beautiful, I may have to try this in my bathroom.
Thanks in advance
Rustic Revival

Candace Moore

Leslie, this is so lovely and smart. Did you paint the backside of the frame as well because of the reflectivity of the mirror tiles? P.S. Your blog has heavily influenced my work, thank you for your generosity and willingness to share. Your color combinations for layering are beautiful, thoughtful and in keeping with the character of chalk paint.

Sandi Zipper

Love the nailhead idea. I did this many years ago in a dark room and it added light to the entire room, but the nail heads bring in glam. So beautiful

Candace Moore

P.S. On a similar project googling “mirror rosettes” provided lots of options for the decorative elements normally found at the corners between the tiles. These are available in various finishes, sizes and styles and add a lot of charm when simply glued on with an adhesive. They aren’t heavy so any product that provides a strong bond will usually suffice.


Hi , I love this project!! I was wondering what type of glue you used to glue the tacks to the mirrors? Thank you!


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