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Inspiration photo found on Pinterest and saved on my iPhone. Hand painted Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® color swatch cards.

I like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for my craft and furniture projects, but for walls nothing compares to Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint. I love the natural variations of shades and tones the lime creates within one paint color. You have to see how gorgeous it is! Checkout my most recent interior design make overs with Fresco. It can be purchased online at


P.S  Pure and Original also makes a chalk based paint called Classico in 140 colors! Its amazing too!




Hi Leslie,
New to your blog and love it! What are the colors (the green and yellow) that don’t show the paint color name?

Leslie Stocker

Hi Odile.
The yellow is Arles and the green is Duck Egg Blue. They represent the yellow in the brass faceplate and the green of the verdigris. The reason I was a little vague is that although colors, they were not actual paint. I hope this wasn’t too confusing.


Such beautiful work always. You have the most amazing ability to teach how colors work together by finding such beautiful inspiration pieces.


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