In the Looking Glass

Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in layers of French Linen, Paris Grey, Old White, and Louis Blue, with gold accents.


Fiona LilyfieldLife

Leslie you are so talented. I think you just might be my favourite painter. if you don’t mind sharing what order of layering did you do. I may have to come to the States one day and paint with you. so inspiring!
Fiona x

Leslie Stocker

I consider you a great painter(especially love your watercolors) so I am honored that you like my work. Thank you! On this mirror, I was trying to make the color work with a new marble countertop that was white -ish but had a lot of grey in it, and violet undertones. I started with French Linen and kept adding layers of Old White mixed with Paris Grey, and Louis Blue. I wasn’t trying to match the grey, just complement it. On most pieces I will start with the color I want to dominate, and add washes or light layers of the other colors. Before I started using chalk paint, I worked mostly with oil based paints and didn’t do multiple colors, just because of the dry time. Chalk Paint has allowed me to try many more techniques and combinations. I don’t worry about having to sand it all off and start over if I make a mistake or just don’t like it. Thanks again,

Fiona LilyfieldLife

thanks for your detailed reply Leslie, I am trying to do more layering – I have often in the past don’t a single colour and then a layered wash with another color (or dry brush) but i haven’t really done multiples like you do but i just love the look. Something I need to practice. You are very good at it and I love how you present it all, thanks Fiona


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