Get Your Black On



Painting only part of this vintage sideboard, emphasizes the warmth of the natural finish and creates a lovely accent. Using Pure & Original’s Classico, chalk based paint, in Black, I painted select areas and left the the edges and carvings exposed. Another technique often used is to paint the entire piece and  then, use a cloth to remove the paint where you want the underlying layer to show. It’s a personal preference as to which method works best for you.

P&O Black classico

Classico drys to a rich matte finish and no wax or sealer is necessary. Since I wanted the grain of the wood to be seen underneath the paint, I diluted it with 10% water, leaving the painted areas a bit translucent. Black with exposed wood, is one of my favorite finishes. A perfect spot for your Halloween decor.

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Angela Bell

How does this black compare with Annie’s black? Is it a true black as opposed to Annie’s Graphite?

Yvonne Thomas

It looks like old worn leather where the black is. Very classic and gorgeous! Would love to just have that piece in my home somewhere. Just perfectly stunning.


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