Efex™ Chinoiserie Cabinet

 Efex Chinoiserie Cabinet

I love almost anything Chinoiserie so when I had an opportunity to redo this cabinet with Efex™ Furniture Appliques, I couldn’t wait to get started. Every room needs a pop of red so I chose Emperor’s Silk Chalk Paint from Annie Sloan. Two solid coats and I was finished.

Efex™ offers a huge selection of appliqués and trim. They have a reed and flower (T 63) that looks very Chinoiserie,  almost a faux bamboo, that was my first choice but it wasn’t quite wide enough for this project. But the  Efex Large Art Deco (T 27)  trim also has a great repeating pattern and it was the perfect width. I still had Rustoleum  spray paint (Metallic Brass) left over from my picture frame upgrade so I sprayed 2 pieces of the T 27 trim. Once it was dry, I cut it into 6 pieces and attached it with contact cement.

To enhance the handles I cut 2 complete patterns from the Efex Greek Scroll (T 14) trim and painted them with the same Metallic Brass paint. Because they are flexible, I was able to slide them over the handles and glue them almost as a faceplate. The two patterns work well together and give the cabinet a more Asian style. I also used Gilding Wax on the feet, and as accents on the edges and already existing trim.

Using the Efex™ trim allowed me to think outside the box, especially for the handles and I love how this cabinet turned out. If you are planning to add trim or appliqués to a project, check them out. They are so easy to work with and look amazing.

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This is beautiful, Leslie!
(And no, I haven’t painted anything lately….I need/want to!) 🙂

Denise Hardy

Hi Leslie I love this cabinet specifically the colors u have used. It looks beautiful 😀 In fact I have a project I want to start next year which is three pieces of furniture – a sideboard cabinet, a small sort of bedside cabinet & a tall slimline cabinet, which I have on my balcony in Spain & want them all matching. I already have the paint which is Annie Sloan’s Arles & the Emperors Silk, which I intend to use the Arles as the base coat & the Emporers Silk as the top coat & then intend to ‘rub back’ part of the Emporers silk so that the Arles shows through. I was intending to do this year, but unfortunately I’ve not had enough time 😩 I would value your opinion as to what I have in mind 😀 Thanks & kind regards


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