DIY Sunburst Mirror

On some days I like to take a break from painting furniture and do different projects. I love sunburst mirrors and have been able to collect a few small vintage ones . But I have never found a large one that I liked that wasn’t outrageously priced.  After a little research on the Internet I discovered several tutorials that explained different ways to make a sunburst mirror. The one pictured above is the first one I made (I have made several since) and it is my favorite, probably because it is less than perfect. If you look closely you can see the largest layer which is made by gluing shims (Home Depot) together, starts to spiral out  a bit at the bottom from the circle.

If you decide to make one of your own, google “DIY Sunburst/Starburst mirror” to find instructions. Mine is actually a variation and I will share a few tips. Auto parts stores have the best prices on convex mirrors and offer many sizes, from 2″ to 36″ in diameter. I used an 8″ mirror which I put in a circular picture frame and mounted on a vintage (1960’s), 24″ diameter Syrocco clock. This was glued to the almost perfect 36 ” circle of shims. The Syrocco clock was already a gold metallic, but I used Rustoleum Gold Metallic spray paint for everything else. In the end, I think the layering of the different components gives it a far more interesting and finished look, even with a proportionately smaller mirror.

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