DIY Efex™ Gilt Mirror


Efex Mirror1I don’t have a picture of this mirror “before”, but believe me it was very ordinary. Just your basic 24″ x 36″ dark brown wall mirror. I had been working on my Efex Christmas tree ornaments when I decided it was due for an upgrade.

Efex mirror beforeUsing my favorite Rustoleum spray paint, I gave the frame a quick coat of gold. I also sprayed  2 pieces of Efex, (T31), those wonderful flexible furniture appliqués .

Open Leaf  t31They were too wide to attach as a strip on the frame, so I cut the strips apart and placed them in pairs symmetrically around the edge. Once I had a pattern I liked, I used contact cement to adhere them.

Efex Mirror 3A quick footnote..I like to paint my pieces before gluing. I think the coverage is better and usually touch ups are minimal and can be done with a Krylon Gold Leaf Pen.




Efex Mirror 2


I love the way this turned out. A quick, easy and inexpensive upgrade to a most ordinary mirror.

EMComp copy


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