Custom Purple and Lime Green




Inspiration today comes from This Old House and Pantone’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid.  Benjamin Moore’s Sweet Pea and Autumn Purple is layered over crackle medium to create a rich patina on this vintage kitchen island. If you prefer to use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® you will need to do a little custom color mixing first. Using equal parts of English Yellow and Antibes Green  mixed together will create a custom lime green similar to BM Sweet Pea and used as the base coat. After it dries paint a layer of crackle medium carefully following directions on the label( there are several brands available). To make a Chalk Paint custom color purple for the top coat mix equal parts of Emperor’s Silk and Napoleonic Blue. Painting this deep purple over the crackle medium allows fine cracks to develop, and the lime green base color to peek through. A great way to add a time-worn look to any piece of painted furniture.


Etta Kelley

Hi Leslie I’ve been following your site for just a short while. I was so impressed by the first one I seen that I started looking back at other posts. I think your blog is very unique and you have such a good eye for color. I started looking at your blog first every day while having my mourning cup of coffee. I’m hoping to learn how to see the colors in things I want to mimic. I think it should help a lot with my painting. I am currently taking the Farragoz course and it’s been a lot of fun. I have never done any painting like this and would enjoy learning different methods. I wish you the best with your dream. I’m not good at commenting but I’ll try to chime in more often.


Good luck in following your dream .. and I love the look of your new blog! I’m impressed by your talent with colors and furniture painting. Look forward to seeing more good things from you.


I just LOVE your site! Can’t say it enough! (You will probably notice that soon!) 😉 I also love that you are Annie Sloan oriented. Do you mind giving more insight on why you choose her paint over others? I have jumped into painting furniture after going to a class that was given by one of her stockiest her in Texas. I have since had others try and promote other paints. Would LOVE to hear your thoughts. You are amazing! I predict you will be a HUGE success! 🙂

Leslie Stocker

Hi Rebecca,
Wow! thank you so much! The reason I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is I really think it is a fantastic product. I’ve worked with furniture for a long time and used mostly oil based products. (I just could not get latex to do what I wanted on furniture). I had been a fan of Annie since the 1990’s when I first read her books. When she came out with her own paint, I was delighted. It has made painting so much easier and better. I haven’t tried any of her competitors paints because I like working with hers and at this point Im so familiar with her colors and how they mix together and the results are never disappointing . I’m not affiliated or sponsored by her, or receive free products, I just think her paint is remarkable. I’m sure there are other good versions of paint for furniture available , but hers was the original and I like to support originality, creativity, and quality. I would love to hear what you think, if you end up giving them a try.. Thanks for following the blog. Glad you made it to the new site.

Mary Ruth

LOVE your site, and this project is intriguing! LOVE the color combination! Thank you for experimenting so we can follow! Beautiful work, and your explanations and videos are WONDERFUL!


I love this shade of purple! I was also looking for a mix that would be close to an orchid. If you have a suggestion, I’m all ears :). I’m learning so much from your blog, tutorial, videos and color swatches! I’ve long been interested in paint but have recently started to master using it well. Annie Sloan are also my current choice and il looking forward to using your color swatches to custom mix her paints. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!


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