Colorful Children’s Chair


Colorful Childs Chair

My color choices always lean toward neutrals and whites, so I like to take the opportunity to add a splash of color when I can.  A vintage child’s chair is perfectly suited for a colorful new look with paint. Small enough it doesn’t overwhelm a setting, and easily repurposed to provide extra storage, it makes for an inexpensive, easy project.

In its before condition, it needed some gentle cleaning and light sanding to prepare it for paint. If you want to see the step by step process of this preparation, you can view my video tutorial, #22 Old Chair, New Life: The Preparation.

I chose Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, Antibes Green for the color. It is a bright spring green without being too primary. In the next part of our tutorial series, I demonstrate the painting technique. I’m waiting for it to come back from editing and as soon as  does it will be available on YouTube and here on the blog.

Did you know you can mix your own custom colors of Chalk Paint? If you’ve never tried it before, the easiest place to start is by adding White to any color in varying amounts to make a range of tints. Here is a chart I made that gives you an idea of the possibilities of the expanded range of colors possible just by adding white.


Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Tints


If you want more info on how I mix colors, be sure to check out my Color Mixing Tutorials, available on You Tube, and also here on the blog under the Tools tab. (For the one on mixing for tints, just click here. Or if you are new to the idea of mixing Chalk Paint all, a good video to see first is, Beginners Start Here


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Leslie Lansing

Love this color. Food for thought, up here in NE NY there are tons of these rush chairs at auctions, estate sales and nobody wants them. Seems they have fallen out of vogue but I’m thinking if I did these in color, they might spark an interest. Can’t hurt to give a few of them a try and since I am heading to an auction this weekend, maybe there will be a couple available.


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