Chippendale Chair

Chippendale chair painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. First coat, Louis Blue. Accented with touches of Aubusson Blue and Provence. Edges, dry brushed with Old White and Pure White.


Adventures in the Sandbox 2011

I absolutely love your posts, they are so inspiring! Thank you so much for sharing your colors, that is a big help. I do wonder, however, about the technique (s) used to apply the paint. If you do a base coat and then layer on other colors, do you wait for the base and each subsequent layer to dry before applying the next one? Sometimes, when you just list the 4 or 5 colors you’ve used I wonder if that means you mixed the colors together to get one color. If not, how do you decide how much of each color to put where? I know I’m asking a lot…. I guess what I really, REALLY would love would be to see some step by step tutorials. Oh yes, that would be absolutely lovely. I know you’re busy though, so I just want you to know how grateful I am when you are able to post.

Leslie Stocker

Thank you. I am always happy to share. Generally, I paint the predominate color first, in a solid coat and let it dry. Then I add additional colors in several ways, a wash, dry brushing, spot painting. If I include Old White and or Pure White it is most often combined to make various tints of the main color or colors. If they are mixed together to make a custom color other than a shade or tint, I usually specify it. I’m learning as I go with blogging that there is an interest in my techniques and plan give more details in my posts and a few very short how to videos. Sometimes I have a plan when I start, most often it is when I am painting something for a client and they want a specific color or finish. Sometimes the combination of colors evolve during the process. I am going to do a follow up post today on the Chippendale Chair, because I’ve had so many emails about it. Thank you for reading and following, and taking the time to comment. It really helps me define additions and changes I need to make with the blog. Best,

Adventures in the Sandbox 2011

Hi Leslie, And thank you for taking the time to explain your technique, not everyone would be so generous. I loved your follow up post about your chairs-all 6 of them-I feel your pain! If I only have time to open one blog post in my email it’s always yours, they are so inspirational. Thank you, thank you.


This is really pretty! Is Aubusson and Provence applied as a wash or dry brushed on? This color combination works really well together.


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