Chinoiserie Chalk Paint

One of the techniques I have been working on lately is using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to create a Chinoiserie style paint finish. A shiny lacquered surface is usually made by spraying several light coats of lacquer based paint. It is almost impossible (for me) to brush on lacquer correctly, it must be sprayed on for a smooth finish, meaning several cans of Spray Lacquer (limited colors) or  High Gloss Spray Paint. Because this must be done outdoors, when the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, for me it is only an option about 6 months out of the year. There are also numerous environmental reasons to find other alternatives.
The mahogany chest above had never been painted and the finish was in excellent condition. My client chose emerald green for the color and was willing to allow me to experiment with Chalk Paint. It took a little mixing and layering of the colors above to create this rich green. Graphite was used to finish the hardware and add the striping. It was topcoated and buffed with clear wax. It was an easy process for me and my client is delighted with the result.
Here is another post featuring the campaign style in a different color, On the Campaign Trail



I’m trying to get an emerald green for a client and I’m having a lot of trouble mixing Antibes and Florence. The mixture goes too blue on me. Could you offer me some tips?

Leslie Stocker

Hi Dana,
Sorry for the delay. Mixing can be a lot of trial an error. Try reducing The Florence a bit. Also you could add a little English Yellow. If It is the right hue but too light add a little graphite.(graphite has a blue undertone so you may have to add a little yellow to compensate. I hope this helps.


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