Chinese Apothecary Cabinet


Chinese Apothecary Cabinet


You may remember this Chinese Apothecary Cabinet. I first talked about it in an April post when I was trying to decide what to do. It is a large dominating piece and yet not very functional. It should provide great storage, but with small divided drawers the storage is quite limited. At this point it holds most of our Christmas ornaments, but they would also fit in a couple of plastic bins in a closet. Painting is my solution to many decor problems so I finally stopped procrastinating and just did it.

I opted to start with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Napoleonic Blue and probably could have stopped with those 2 coats. It covered beautifully. But being me, I decided to add Annie’s two other dark blues, Aubusson and Greek. The combination of the three colors (in separate layers, not all mixed together) made for a striking blue that almost looked like a stain; translucent with depth.

AC closeup



The blue doesn’t make it any less imposing or better storage, but it is now, beautiful.

For more ideas about large storage pieces see my posts, Chinoiserie Apothecary Cabinet, Swedish Cupboard, and Country Blue Wardrobe.



bev miller

I have just started receiving your blog posts, and am
enjoying them a lot! I too love the look of different colors on painted furniture. Your finished pieces are gorgeous! When you layer the different colors, what technique do you use to allow the different colors to show through….Also, do you then wax your pieces? I have seen a lot of posts of painted furniture, and I like the look you achieve. I would appreciate any tips you could give me. Thanks so much!!!


This piece is amazing and I was just admiring your color layering. Many of your posts list a base and a color or two over the top. I believe that you mention that the upper layers are washes.Your pieces have such a great look…almost like you just put random layers or this color here and this color there. On your upper layers, do you paint full wash coats? blend them together when wet? apply random? We would love to see how you achieve these beautiful blues!
I guess maybe its the layering and the distressing? Any hints would be helpful. Thanks!

Susan Frank

Your finished pieces are the most beautiful I’ve seen. I’m very new to Annie Sloan paints and would love to see a tutorial on your technique. I just subscribed and am enjoying your site so much.


I love reading your post…extremely helpful especially the mixing of colors. keep them coming!
Debbie l

Lori Fischer

I love the apothecary cabinet and the great job you did refinishing it. I have been keeping an eye out for something similar as they look great with a few plants tucked into a few of the drawers and randomly spaced, Staghorn Ferns
are particularly suitable. Keep up the great work!


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