Chalk Paint Easter Eggs


Last year while working on my ASCP Color Cards for Shades and Tints,  I experimented with many different surfaces. As we come into the Easter season again, I want to reshare one of my posts.

Did you know you can paint and dye Easter Eggs with Chalk Paint? Here is a range of shades and tints using Louis Blue and Henrietta.

Easter shades & tints And I know you know this, but you would be amazed at some of the emails I get, remember Chalk Paint is not a food product. Once you paint or dye your eggs, they become purely decorative. As a graphic designer, I’m always looking for creative ways to display paint and color. Since it was Easter, I thought of eggs.



If you love Henrietta and Louis Blue and want to see what it looks like on real furniture, be sure to check out my posts, Pink in the Garden,  Moroccan Stencil,  The Louis Blue, Blues, and Chair of Many Colors

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