Cedar Chest of Blue

blue cedar chest copy


I was getting ready to repaint this vintage cedar chest and realized I had never blogged about it. So consider this the “before” photo. Although, I think layering the blues turned out well , it’s on it’s way to a new home and needs to be a new color. Originally it was a maple that had turned a bit orange and rather than refinish, I chose to Chalk Paint it. I started with a solid coat of Napoleonic Blue and then added a light wash of Greek Blue. . Clear Wax to seal and Dark Wax for shadows.

Layering Blues

Choosing a color group and painting layers of the different hues gives extra dimension to a finish. By making some of the colors more translucent by adding a glaze or water, or by painting with less than solid coverage (spot painting),  a deep richness is created that’s not possible in a one color paint finish. Your pieces will stand out from the crowd, and your colors will be unique and complex.  And, it’s no more difficult than painting 2 or 3 coats of the same color. Try it on your next piece.

If you want ideas of color groups that work well together for layering, be sure to check out these posts, Shades of Lavender, Using Pinks in Combination,  Golden Yellows, Chinoiserie Greens, and Colorful Reds.

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Hi Leslie,
I’m so happy to have found your blog. I just recently painted a side board in aubusson blue that turned out to be way too bright. I’m more interested in an indigo kind of shade, I went ahead and applied dark wax but I still didn’t get the finish that I had in mind. I came across one of your tutorials in You Tube where you mix graphite and Napoleonic blue and I have a couple of questions for you: I’m going to test various proportions, but in your experience, what would be the right one to get indigo from aubusson blue and graphite? and second, would you wax with clear or dark wax?
Thanks a million, Blanca


Hi Leslie, I have the same question as Blanca above (curiously, I have the same name as her, only hers being the Spanish derivitive. Not sure if you PM her, but would be keen on your opinion.

Thanks, millions. Bianca


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