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Stepback Cupboards

a   Many Stepback Cupboards are actually married pieces and this one is no exception. Often made at different times, by separate cabinetmakers, they end up together because they are a good fit and function well as a set. My stepback is even constructed with different woods, pine and maple.  When I found it the top was… Read more »

Dark into Light

Sometimes you will find a vintage piece of furniture that has great structure and lines but the finish is very dark. It used to be a very long, messy and difficult process of stripping, sanding, bleaching and liming. Even then, the results could be disappointing. Dark Walnut Finish Here is one way to get that… Read more »

Take One Stepback

Called Stepback Cupboards because the top shelving piece sits “back” from the front edge of the separate lower cabinet, they are most often made of pine or oak. It is not unusual to find one where the top and bottom were not made at the same time as one complete piece, but have been put together,… Read more »