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Mirror Image

This cute little mirror was actually painted as an afterthought. I had some paint left on my brush after I finished another project. Before I washed it, I looked around to see if anything needed touching up and spotted this dark walnut mirror. A coat of Paris Grey and Old White. Touches of Old Violet,… Read more »

English Lavender

Create a lovely English Lavender by layering Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in these muted tones of purple.  Reminds me of this photo…       Downderry Lavender Nursery English Garden Magazine  photo by Susie Gibbons  Lavender is a soothing accent color. For more ways to add lavender to your decor see my posts,  Lovely Lavender, … Read more »

Mixing for Purple

  Continuing on the theme of mixing primary colors, the chart above illustrates what happens when Emperor’s Silk and Napoleonic Blue are combined together. A range of strong purple hues is the result. At this time, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint does not offer a dark purple (or bright pink), pre-mixed, so knowing how to mix… Read more »