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Campaign Desk in Custom Lilac

  Sometimes the standard pre-mixed colors in any brand of paint don’t offer what you’re looking for, but mixing for a custom color is easy to do.  For a feminine take on the Campaign style, a signature lilac, is the perfect choice. Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in a ratio of approximately 1:1:1, I mixed… Read more »

Mixing for Pink

This is the first of several posts about expanding the range of colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. Scandinavian Pink, Antoinette, and Henrietta are three stock colors available for purchase at your local stockist.  This may seem very limited if you are looking for a color in the pink range. Of course you can always… Read more »

Mixing for Green

Mixing for green can be a little difficult. Blue and Yellow can theoretically mixed to make green, but the green that is the result of blending English Yellow and Napoleonic Blue will not be a clear deep green. It will be more muted and grayed. The chart below offers a concise record of the results…. Read more »

Mixing for Purple

  Continuing on the theme of mixing primary colors, the chart above illustrates what happens when Emperor’s Silk and Napoleonic Blue are combined together. A range of strong purple hues is the result. At this time, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint does not offer a dark purple (or bright pink), pre-mixed, so knowing how to mix… Read more »