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Campaign Desk in Custom Lilac

  Sometimes the standard pre-mixed colors in any brand of paint don’t offer what you’re looking for, but mixing for a custom color is easy to do.  For a feminine take on the Campaign style, a signature lilac, is the perfect choice. Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in a ratio of approximately 1:1:1, I mixed… Read more »

Shades of Lavender

    Rather than paint my vintage finds in a solid one color, I like to mix slightly lighter and darker variations of a hue and layer them on top of each other. It creates a substantially more interesting monochrome finish  that adds interest and dimension to the paint. This petite secretary, a lady’s desk, begged… Read more »

Enchantment in Stockholm

  source Number 17 in Stockholm (found here via Pinterest), has an almost magical look. Don’t you just wonder what is behind that door? The architecture is magnificent but it is the enchanting blend of pale pinks and lavenders that give it a fairytale quality. Even the bricks have a purple hue. Maybe it’s the light in… Read more »

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