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Matching Annie Sloan Colors

  As a blogger, I get tons and tons and tons of questions, in emails, private messages, and comments. Lately, the most frequently asked question is about matching colors across brands and more specifically, “what color is that in Pure & Original?” Rather than answering each one individually,  it makes a great topic for posts. Pure… Read more »

A Shade or Two

  I actually like the fact that the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® palette is limited to 32 premixed colors. Mixing the perfect variation of shade or tint is easy and predictable. Contrast that with choosing a color from a paint chip at Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams and their thousands of choices and I will… Read more »

Annie Sloan Blues & Greens

  Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint color palette has several strong greens and blues; Florence and Antibes Green, Aubusson Blue and Napoleonic Blue.   Each one used alone can dominate any color palette.     Used in tandem will give reason to pause     and when three or four are layered and blended, all other colors… Read more »

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