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Behind the Scenes: Video Shoot II

  No matter how carefully you plan ahead when shooting videos, there always seem to be some surprises.  Of the original 8 projects, we ended up having to scrap 3. The large mirror was a problem from the get go due to glare, so we eliminated it before shooting even began. The dark record cabinet… Read more »

Behind The Scenes: Video Shoot

  As promised, here is a look of what goes on behind the scenes while we are shooting a new group of video tutorials.. Just to recap….the plan was to take 8 projects from start to finish over 3 days of filming and showcase different techniques on a variety of pieces.   These were the… Read more »

Behind the Scenes: See How We Prepare for the Shoot

  As you know, next week we will be filming a bunch of new tutorials. Over the course of 3 days, we plan to film 24 new episodes which take 8 different projects from start to finish. So in preparation, we went shopping to find a variety of pieces to use. I have some favorite… Read more »

The Colorways Swing

a Wow, you guys are incredibly observant! So many emails have come my way asking about the image we used in the introduction of the video tutorials, a quick post seemed in order. After we finished shooting the first round of videos last summer, Caleb, our talented photographer, and John, my amazing publicist, shot some… Read more »

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