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Annie Sloan Tried & True

  When you have a finish you know works every time, there’s no reason to reinvent the the wheel. I love to layer colors of the same color group to give my pieces depth, texture and a sense of movement. An easy technique that takes your paint from a flat one dimension color to a wow… Read more »

The Moody Blues

  A monochromatic color scheme can be a refreshing change of pace. I’m in my Blue Period right now. I love taking one paint color group and layering the variations over each other.  It’s a simple way to add extra depth and complexity to any finish. You don’t have to worry about the colors being compatible as… Read more »

Annie Sloan Blues & Greens

  Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint color palette has several strong greens and blues; Florence and Antibes Green, Aubusson Blue and Napoleonic Blue.   Each one used alone can dominate any color palette.     Used in tandem will give reason to pause     and when three or four are layered and blended, all other colors… Read more »

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