Brass Chandelier Makeover and a Surprise Delivery


This week I posted  all three parts to our new tutorial series, where we take a brass chandelier and transform it with Chalk Paint. I thought I would share a  a few more photos from the process. This is one from before

Chandelier before


and here is a close up of the after

Chandelier close up after



chandy after copy


If you missed any of the tutorials, they can all be seen by clicking on the Tools tab, or for this project, in order, Video #19, The Preparation, Video #20 The Painting, and Video #21 Adding the Finishing Touches.

It really is a fast, inexpensive way to update any chandelier or light fixture. If you need more inspiration here are some of my chandelier and light fixture posts you may have missed: French Chandelier, French Curves, Light it Up, and DIY Faux Mercury Glass Sconces.


And although this has nothing to do with lighting or tutorials, I just wanted to share my excitement with you. I have been wanting a new sofa for my living room for years and years. I finally ordered one several months ago so you can imagine how delighted and surprised I was when a truck arrived, two weeks early, and delivered this!


new sofa




Leslie Stocker

Hi Shelley,
Thanks. I am only wondering if I was crazy to get such a light fabric, especially with our not small puppy:)
Leslie xxoo


Dear Leslie
I have viewed all of your tutorials thus far and have gleaned a wealth of information.
I appreciate your teaching style, and your willingness to educate, and share with us the knowledge
you have attained through your life experiences as an artist. I like your new Before and After Chandelier Video instant gratification.
I have looked at your Layering technique video numerous!!!!!!! times. I’m finally practicing this method with a new project. Needless to say I’m a little heavy handed, yet I’m determined to continue to practice, and to strive to the best of my abilities.
You have given me incentive, to try and achieve ” the look ” and also to recognize my own skills and abilities.
Your website is my inspiration
Thank You

Leslie Stocker

Hi. Thanks so much. Layering is a really easy technique with Chalk Paint, I know will you get it in no time.
Leslie xxoo

Leslie Lansing

Beautiful job on the chandelier. I so enjoy all your posts, you are an inspiration. Great sofa, hope you don’t have any animals and make sure you use scotchguard it. I have two chairs in that color and they are a mess. I had a professional come look at them to be cleaned and he won’t touch them because the under fabric bleeds through. I am on the verge of dragging out my Annie Sloan chalk paint and painting the fabric.

Lynn Schwarzkopf

Your sofa is beautiful! So is your living room. Thank you for inviting us into your home and sharing your gifts and talents with us.


Enjoy the sofa. I’ve raised 2 boys, a dog, lots of friends and 2 grandkids and my cream sofa still looks great. The only problem is after 25 years I’m pretty sick of it.

Mary Ruth

You posted sofa, any more information on it? I showed a friend the link to your chandelier, and the photo of the sofa came up with the link, I can’t find information on the sofa to give her, because of course she likes it. Great sofa lines, was the most popular sofa sold to designers and showrooms.. the lines are so that it is comfortable.


Your chandelier transformation is gorgeous! Looks for all the world like it aged into that beautiful finish,

I am also interested in more info on the sofa. Been looking for that exact style/shape for ages!

Leslie Stocker

Hi Chris, and MaryRuth,
It is The Benson sofa from Horchow, I ordered it before Christmas when they were having a 30% off sale. They seem to have these sales fairly regularly, so if you are considering, I’d wait for the next one. It is wonderfully comfortable and just what I had hoped for. I am an avid DIYer, and bargain hunter, but I have a weakness for Horchow. I have never been disappointed in anything I purchased from them, although I always wait for a sale or clearance.
Leslie xxoo

Teri Williams

I am just starting my adventure with furniture refinishing . I have learned so much thru your website, but I must say , I was very surprised to see you can use chalk paint over a brass chandelier !
Which takes me to my question , I have two fireplace fronts that are all brass , can I use the same tutorial as the chandelier to paint my fireplace ?


Hi! I ordered this sofa and have been trying to find “real” pictures everywhere. Mine will be delivered Monday. Can you email me more pictures? What is the actual color?
Thank you!!


Once you find a piece you love…it is wonderful. Love the pillows too. Linda from Extraordinary Day Porject Inspired Link Party


Have a white slipcovered shelter-arm sofa that I love. Also have a cat, a parakeet (well–behaved) and two grandkids that are not allowed to eat anywhere except at the dining room table. Works so far. Enjoy your purchase!!! Jan


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