Behind the Scenes: See How We Prepare for the Shoot


As you know, next week we will be filming a bunch of new tutorials. Over the course of 3 days, we plan to film 24 new episodes which take 8 different projects from start to finish. So in preparation, we went shopping to find a variety of pieces to use. I have some favorite flea markets and thrift stores where I always find a treasure or two and we made sure to hit those first.


I would like each project to showcase a different technique (layering, dry brush, wash, etc) on a variety of surfaces (wood, plastic, metal, fabric). My other requirement is that each piece be small enough to actually finish in three days (eliminating large pieces like the armoire in the photo above). And they also needed to be the kind of everyday pieces you can find anywhere and at reasonable prices.


We had great success (John was a good sport!) and I’m looking forward to showing you how easy it is to take a discarded piece of furniture and turn it into something that looks like so much more, something your friends will ohh an ahh over, and that doesn’t break the bank.

More of the behind the scenes to follow as we move through the filming process. On a side note, although I was supposed to be focused solely on shopping for the videos, I was so excited to find these lovelies


Three original, signed, watercolors, all beautifully matted and framed.( I already have a spot picked out for them) All for less than the price of a dinner for two at a nice restaurant.  There are fabulous bargains out there, even in the dingiest of stores, if you just keep your eyes open.

It will be a few weeks before we have these new videos up on the blog but you can see any of my first 18 tutorials by clicking on the tools tab. Or if you prefer, they can be viewed on YouTube by clicking here. And don’t forget I’m also on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+.



[DOING HAPPY DANCE] I love your work, can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re doing these in depth videos. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with everyone. Looking forward to learning from you.


Thank you for doing the new tutorials – I can’t wait! I have enjoyed your posts and color combinations, so I know I’ll love the upcoming tutorials!

Claudine Pender

A friend recommended your blog! I paint but have a tendency to keep everything neutral… black, white, gray…
Looking forward to the tutorials!


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