Behind The Scenes: Video Shoot


As promised, here is a look of what goes on behind the scenes while we are shooting a new group of video tutorials.. Just to recap….the plan was to take 8 projects from start to finish over 3 days of filming and showcase different techniques on a variety of pieces.

Video shoot projects before


These were the original 8 in their before condition.  Day one of filming was to be focused on the preparation of each piece in order to paint. Here’s a look at some of my supplies.

Day one suppliesThe last time we shot videos we set up the shoot in my kitchen, which proved to be a bit too small and crowded. So this time we used my living room, which meant moving some of the furniture out of the way.

LRI had no idea how much in the way of equipment was necessary to adequately light the set when filming indoors.

pots beforeHere we are about to start. That’s Caleb Wilson, our amazing photographer, you see behind the the camera. Tomorrow I will take you the rest of the way through the video shoot. Needless to say there were some glitches along the way, not everything went as planned.

prep dayLuckily, John and Caleb are extraordinarily patient when we have to go through things more than once.



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Susan Frank

Loved the behind the scenes! What you do is a lot of work just want to thank you for sharing with us.

I’ve been watching your video on layering the paint and I finally got the courage to try it and was amazed at how well it turned out. Thanks for not only sharing your talent but thanks for encouraging us to try it ourselves.


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