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blue buffetOne of the great things that I’ve experienced after taking two classes from Steve Wallis is a renewed sense of creativity. Just learning new techniques and having new tools to work with really motivated me to experiment with my paint finishes. Taking some of the skills I learned in Steve’s marbling and wood graining classes, and using them together with paint layering, resulted in a beautiful new finish. I love the extra depth and variation of color I was able to achieve by using the brushes and woodgraining tools.

toolsInstead of diluting Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® with water, I mixed the paint with a glazing medium to extend the length of time the paint remained wet. This allowed me to layer the colors and still create different effects without the colors becoming too blended and muddied. I started with Greek Blue and let that coat dry. Rather than working with all the paint colors at the same time, I added each color, Napoleonic Blue, and Old White  separately and used the tools to lift off and move the paint around creating lines, grains, and veins. Really just layering with a twist.  I finished with a coat of Clear Wax and used Dark Wax to further enhance the shadows.

Layering BluesI often choose blue combinations for my projects. For more inspiration using hues of blue, see my posts, Cedar Chest of Blue, Black and Blue, and BHG Blues

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Kathleen Herman

This is a beautiful finish as always Leslie. Will you have a video tutorial of this technique?


Amazing and inspiring! I would too love to see a video on that technique, and maybe more close-up photos too… Thanks for sharing!

Sheila Falcucci/ Rustic Revival

Leslie, thanks for sharing your experience and what you have learned. What a nice twist to your already exquisite technique.
Sheila Falcucci
Rustic Revival


You are so informative. I love Annie Sloan paints and you egg me on to do more. Thank you, Meris

Sandi Holtzmuller

Video would be fun! What and where are the brushs and tools from? Another great post!!


I like this a lot Leslie.. Love using the wood grain tool .. this gives me inspiration to try this too.. thank you.


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