Bachelor’s Chest

Mahogany chest of drawers painted in layers of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Graphite, Old Violet, Coco, Paris Grey, and Old Ochre. Clear and Dark Wax


Family Stories

This is so beautiful. I’ve been reading your various comments and see you do not paint in solid coats. I’m wondering though…was this thin but solid coats of each color?

Leslie Stocker

Except for the very first coat, I almost never paint in solid coats of paint when Im using Chalk Paint ( I do use other paints, but for the distressed, vintage look. I think it is the easiest and best). The goal for me is to create a finish that looks 20+ years old and the result of being painted in different colors over those 20+ years. Some people get this look by painting solid coats and sanding to expose areas where the under layers show. This has not worked well for me, I think I probably sand to vigorously. So instead, my technique is to paint different colors, lightly and with intentional gaps. Chalk Paint has made it easy for anyone to create this type of vintage look. It just depends which technique works best for you. I am planning some how to videos on my techniques and they should be up on the blog by July. Thanks for writing. Best, Leslie

cathy clemmons

what is the title of the video of your technique for creating the vintage look by painting different colors??


I was just coming to ask the same question as Family Stories. I love the look of multiple colors but I don’t want everything distressed. I can’t wait to see the videos! I have a bookcase I am itching to start. I love that you share your color palettes. Thank you!


Hi Leslie,
I enjoy reading your blog and viewing your videos. You’ve inspired me to paint my offoce desk and i want ro copy the colors on the bachelor chest. Please clarify the sequence of paints that were applied.

Thanks for sharing your passion
Best regards


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