Antique and Mondrian

My inspiration for today’s post is the great modernist painter from the Netherlands, Piet Mondrian. His series of Composition paintings feature a dynamic use of lines, space, rectangles and primary colors. Using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on this simple, old, multi-drawered pine cabinet, I used Graphite, Pure White, Emperor’s Silk, Napoleonic Blue, and English Yellow for a straightforward interpretation of antique and modern. Or more accurately, modern on antique. Not my usual style, but I think its important to push your boundaries. I am also still trying to determine what to do with the Chinese Apothecary Cabinet I showed in yesterdays post. Consider it a trial run. So what is your opinion? Does it work or not? Love it or hate it? Keep it modern or repaint it in a more traditional antique style?



Keep it. I’d love to see a series inspired by famous artist. It seems like your layering approach is based on how some artists work.

Leslie Stocker

You are a girl after my own heart. I have played with this idea based on some of my favorite artists.
So glad to hear it might be interesting to you as well. I will keep you posted :). thanks for writing and letting me know you like this idea!


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