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Duck egg Blue Chest of Drawers


This weekend I was working on this chest of drawers for a friend of mine, when my husband walked by and said, “Didn’t you paint this same piece last week?”. The truth is I did paint a similar chest in a similar color scheme just a few days before I started on this one. In fact, every month I paint at least 2 or three commissions in soft blue and green pastels. Not quite white with just a hint of color seems to be everyone’s favorite choice . Why is that? Does it go with everything? Does it look authentic?

I don’t have the answer, I’m more or less just wondering out loud. My friends who regularly buy, paint, and resell furniture, have said something painted a soft blue or gentle green, as in a pastel bordering on white, will sell every time. I know the colors I use the most are the two Annie Sloan whites, Old and Pure.  Will we ever tire of it? Will it go out of style? Has painted furniture almost run its course? I would love to know what you think on the subject.

For this  lovely chest of drawers, I painted a solid first coat of Duck Egg Blue. I mixed tints in different strengths of Duck Egg Blue and Old White and added them in layers. Shadows were painted in Coco and highlights dry brushed with Old White. Clear wax to seal. No distressing or Dark wax.

If you can’t get enough of this favorite color combination, you will be inspired by my posts, The Blues,  Console Table,  and  On the Side.



I love all the pale blues too! I think the reason people are loving the barely there blues and greens mixed with white is because those pieces really do look authentic Swedish style. And, my dear, the way you mix the colors makes them look authentic too! The way most people are distressing furniture these days….well, lets just say that none of the truly old pieces of painted furniture look that way. It is a more gradual flowing in and out of colors.
Amazing work as always Leslie!


I am so thrilled to find your website! I’m new to chalk painting furniture and have tried to find instructions for the type of looks you create and haven’t until now! I too love neutrals with pale Blues/ greens and was wondering how you decide which color will be the base coat-this chest doesn’t look as predominantly blue as your side board, but your base coat for “on the side” is French Linen as opposed to the Duck egg blue base coat on the chest of drawers. Does it really matter what you start with when the overall color seems to morph with your layering?

Stacey Grimes

Is there a tutorial for this particular finish? Ive never tried mixing or customizing colors…
Thank you,
Stacey Grimes


Again, your work is outstanding!! You asked for opinions on the trend of painting furniture….. Yes, I do think the look of quickly painting pieces with a rubbed off aged look will soon be going out of style, but pieces painted very well, as you do, are timeless.

Sue Windsor

Amazing, that’s always the first word out of my mouth when I see what you have created,
Your color combinations are Out of this world Fabulous.
Thank you for sharing them with all of us here on Pinterest, I look forward to seeing “what’s Next”,


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