A Tale of Two Chandeliers


I’ll admit I have a thing for chandeliers, especially antique ones. I love finding them at flea markets and seeing their possibilities. The best bargains are the ones covered in covered in dust and dirt and in need of rewiring. Rewiring can be an expensive and can put the overall cost of even the best bargain way over budget. It was also not something I considered  a diy project…until this year when I found this on Ebay.

chandelier kitchen

The rewiring was not as difficult as I thought, and of course the painting was easy. I love the way looks in my kitchen, very old and French and curvy.


The other chandelier is this one.

chandelierI wrote about it in this post, French Curves.

If you are as much of a Francophile as I am, you will love these posts, A Different Technique,  Secretaire Extraordinaire, and  Rococo Chest.




Beautiful chandeliers! I’m glad I’m not the only one obsessed with them. I’d hang them from every single light fixture if my husband let me.

Barbara Dodds

I, too, am a Francophile, (great word by the way) and I love your
chandeliers. I’d love one of my bathtub. Maybe someday!


What was the process of painting the first chandelier shown? I want to achieve that exact same color on my daughters brass bed. I’m so glad you have shown what colors, but I need to know what the process is. I am very new to chalk paint 😬 Anyway, it’s absolutely beautiful! Thanks in advance!



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