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Nothing gets me going like new paints and colors. I have collected fan decks, color cards, and swatches from almost every major brand of paint (some are no longer in existence, i.e. Martha Stewart from Kmart, and Sherwin Williams), that they take up several shelves in my art cabinet. I wish I could think of a clever way to use them in an art project but that will have to wait for a later time.

IA_cntr_classicfandeck001_365x267Very few companies offer hand painted color cards (too expensive), so years ago I started making my own for reference. Whenever I would try or mix a color for the first time, I would paint a sample and label it with the name, formula, if I mixed a custom color, and where I used it. It saves me so much time when I have to recreate or match a color. It’s also a fabulous way to learn about undertones, color theory, shades and tints. This blog is all about color and sharing what I’ve learned.

My first swatch books were about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and how to expand the range of premixed colors by mixing them together to make your own custom tints (color+white),  shades (color + black),  purples, greens, and oranges. You can view all of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint swatches and charts, as well as my charts for Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint by clicking on the Swatches tab at the top of the page.

Layering BluesI still love Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®!! But I’ve posted over 175 (of my 350 +) posts about it. I will continue to post about it when I use it in a project (it’s a great product!), but contrary to what some of my readers think I am not an Annie Sloan stockist, she does not provide me with any products, I do not work for her company, and she does not sponsor or support my blog. For a while now I’ve wanted to add some diversity to my posts, but until I sampled Pure & Original Paint, there was no other paint I was excited about or wanted to use. I know I’ve gone over this before but some of my readers are very upset, even angry, about  my choice to try out a new paint. Rather than respond to numerous emails and comments (Facebook), I wanted to explain my reasoning one last time. If you are only interested in posts about ASCP, and not open to new products, please just unsubscribe to my blog. Subject closed.

ed94e73576986381cfe338b3a8e92d37Pure & Original offers 114+colors, so I’ve started with the color group I use most often, neutrals; whites, off whites, beiges. 40 colors and that doesn’t include grays! I used small samples of their colors, painted my own color cards, and scanned them into my computer for color accuracy. Using Photoshop, I created a digital image swatch card for each of these colors.  Because all computers and mobile devices vary in color display, the colors may appear differently on your screen. Always use a painted sample to choose color.8daa7370fb06928e07b3bee98a7b8123I’m using P&O’s Classico, a chalk based paint, to sample their colors. They also have a Fresco Lime that has wonderful variance in tonality within color, and  Marrakech Walls that that is very textured, in addition to tonal range of color. The Classico results in a very flat, matte, uniform color and finish, and seemed the best to use for familiarizing myself with their color palette. What did I find?  Using natural and mineral pigments gives the colors a soft, muted, organic hue. Subtle and beautiful. 40 whites and off whites offer an expansive color group range eliminating the need to mix a custom white for most projects. Classico is a very thick rich paint and although not necessary for sample cards, for projects you can dilute with water up to 10%.


P&O white chestThis week I’ll continue to explore Pure & Original’s color groups. They group their colors into, whites, beiges, grays, blues, greens, red-browns, and yellow-browns. A slightly different approach to the color wheel, but helpful in identifying the undertones of a color.


PORedBrownsWant more on color?  Check out these video tutorials on color mixing:  Mixing Chalk Paint for Tints, Creating a Chalk Paint Mixing Formula, and Mixing Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for Custom Shade Colors

I like Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint for my craft and furniture projects, but for walls nothing compares to Pure & Original Fresco Lime Paint. I love the natural variations of shades and tones the lime creates within one paint color. You have to see how gorgeous it is! Checkout my most recent interior design make overs with Fresco. It can be purchased online at www.502paint.com



P.S  Pure and Original also makes a chalk based paint called Classico in 140 colors! Its amazing too!

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I am sorry that some folks are upset even angry with your use of other paint products – I definitely will not be unsubscribing from your blog or FB page. Although I am a huge fane of ASCP, I for one WELCOME your thoughts and opinions on other products – in particular the Pure & Original line, because everything is beautiful in its own way! Want to get my hands on some P&O paint.

Kim Hutton

Oh my! So hard to comprehend people getting upset with you over this! I greatly admire what you do. The fact that you are SHARING your talent and experience with us, FOR FREE mind you, is something that should be APPRECIATED and you should be THANKED for. So I thank you! I look forward to seeing your exploration with P & O paint. Carry on…


Not sure how long this paint snobbery has been going on, but why would you restrict yourself to just one brand of anything – especially when it comes to creativity.

Shannon Hounshell

Your work has always intrigued me regardless of product. You are an artist and professional, nothing less.


Goodness…I’d never be close minded to learn anything new! I love ASCP, but I also love to experiment with new paints and techniques. Thank you Lesley for doing the hard work for us!

Sandi Nutty

I just recently discovered you and appreciate your work so much. Forget the grumblers. This new line appears to be very special and offers products AS does not. Keep up the great work some of those upset folks may try this brand and discover a new source of income. That is all it is about. Just money.


Thank you for giving the P&O your time and attention. I just received my order last week and am very excited about this paint line. It is a bit on the expensive side, but I suppose all great products are. I cannot wait to see what you come up with. As far as others with poor attitudes about you experimenting and teaching us what you learn with other products on the market, simply block them. The fact that AS doesn’t support or provide you with anything for promoting her product speaks for itself. As much as I adore her chalk paint, it isn’t suitable for every project I have. I don’t want, or need a french color palette for everything I do. That is why I am so excited about the earth tones of Pure & Original, and look forward to your posts. Don’t let the minions get under your skin. They didn’t complain when you were offering up all your own knowledge about color and customizing colors with the ASCP line for free. Keep on doing what you are as the work speaks for itself and THANK YOU for all your insight and help!

Becky Backert

I’m very glad you are trying out a new product and sharing the results. I’m disappointed in the painter haters that have blasted you. But, we know where that comes from. People hate change! I am loving the colors and the names of the colors. All paint evolves as it is perfected. I trust what you like and approve of. I’ve never been disappointed with your work or your blogs or your artistic talents. You are a winner in my paint world.
Thanks for all that you share for fun and for free!! Paint on!

Diane Vella

Leslie. Good for you! I think it is great that you are working with Pure & Original Paint. I, too, have ordered and cannot wait to try out their Paint product!

I am a Stockist for CHALK PAINT but that does not mean I will stop learning and utilizing another paint (if worthy) for my pieces.

I love your blog and will continue to follow your work. I am impressed with your work!

Thank you for constant sharing and instruction!
R/ Diane

Janice Bowden

I’ve just recently discovered your blog and have been avidly reading everything and learning so much. Pure & Original chose you to help launch their paint line because you are so thorough and unbiased and truly a color and paint expert! I was using Annie Sloan’s techniques, color theory and paint mixing from her books published in the early 1990’s – LONG before ASCP was in the States and even longer before it got to my little part of the country. In her early books she mixed all kinds of paints, pigments, oils, glues, etc to get the look she wanted. I still use her techniques, with a little tweaking to get the better adhesion of a chalk-containing paint. I do like her color palette, but I have never used ASCP. I purchased my first sample can last week to do a comparison between my recipe which I have used for over 10 years, and the cans of P&O I received yesterday. BTW, the P&O samples are totally due to you – I never would have known about the brand without reading about it here and getting the soft release discount. For that, THANK YOU!! I am sorry you have been subjected to negativity from any one reading any of your work. Those that are so narrow minded will never be able to expand their horizons and see new and exciting possibilities. I look forward to reading more about your experience with P&O.

Jackie Brown

I’m curious to hear from you about the Fresco Lime paints from P & O. I’m wondering if those can be used on ordinary drywall here in the U.S. and if they still provide the wonderful hues I’ve seen in Europe where they don’t use drywall. Thank you!


Great post, Leslie! Thanks for all your work. Loving the P&O info.
Btw, Sherwin Williams is still in business. Love their colors.

Leslie Stocker

I meant Martha Stewart for Sherwin Williams. Thanks for catching that.

Leslie xxoo

Mary Ruth

This is not (strong opinion) just happening to you Leslie, seems to be a trend on forums on FB and on some talk boards.
Posters want instruction (free) and, especially ones with made up identity names. I am not sure how far they will go, but it has gotten nasty even on some of the AS forums in the past. I sure hope you continue on your quest and goal, and hope the internet climate changes for all our sakes!


I am so very sorry that you have encountered issues from some of your viewers. I don’t understand anyone limiting knowledge (especially from someone so willing to share their hard work and research). Please know that many of “us” appreciate all that you do.

Thank you again, Leslie.


Ronnie Gunn Tucker

I’m an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Stockist and appreciate everything you do here, Leslie.
Continue on. I’ll be reading every word.
Best regards,

Bobbie ~ Hue New Painted Furniture

I’m with you! I love ASCP and have worked with it for 3 years. I am so excited about Pure & Original’s paint line! Oh, the colors, oh, what I can create! Can’t wait till it is available on broader scale in the US. Your work is fabulous! Your willingness to share your creativity and work, I am not sure I have the right words to really express how much it means! Awesome, exceptional, wonderful, . . . I look forward to continuing to follow you.


Animo Leslie, yo siempre aprenderé con su buenas lecciones sobre pintura, no importa la marca de pintura que seleccione, seguiré muy atenta sus nuevas experiencias. Aquí estamos para aprender y conocer sus conocimientos y estoy muy agradecida por todo ello. Tiene que olvidarse de la gente que no acepta los cambios y seguir adelante mostrando la evolución de sus nuevas pinturas. Muchas gracias por su amabilidad para todos los que aquí entramos día tras día para ver las cosas hermosas que emprende y nos enseña de forma gratuita y sin pedir nada cambio. Un abrazo Leslie.


Oh dear. Drama. Ick. You are a gift to us, so just never mind the grumps and the haters. Haters gonna hate.

Leslie these colors are so lucious and delicious and I am in love! From where does one buy the paint? I looked on their website and there are no USA stockists.

Kim Mancha

I think you do lovely work and appreciate all the tips/techniques. I have seen you mention a few times that there is drama and negative feedback surrounding your coverage of this new product. I have been following along on your blog and FB pages and have only seen positive support expressed…. anyway, keep the updates coming.

Shaunna Brugger

I’ve enjoyed your posts on ASCP. Love the color diversity of Pure & Original, just wish it wasn’t so expensive.


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