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All Mirrors and Light

  After visiting Robyn Story two weeks ago, I can’t get my mind off large mirrors, and the power they have to transform a space. Robyn’s store ( you can read more about it in my post, here), is filled with gorgeous mirrors, each more stunning than the next.  So, yesterday when I should have been… Read more »

Reflections on Mirrors

  Do you have a design philosophy about mirrors? I know I do. For instance, I think every room should have at least one mirror. Not necessarily to be the main focus, more to bring light and sense of space into a room.  Antique and vintage are my mirrors of choice, but what do you… Read more »

A Fresco New Look

  This is one of those projects that happened as an afterthought. A little bit of paint left on your brush…….you know how that goes, paint is too expensive to waste:)  This mirror, (original post), used to be a similar color, but darker, painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®, Paris Grey, French Linen, Louis Blue and Old… Read more »

Florals at Robyn Story Designs

  When I first took you on a tour of Robyn Story Designs, I focused on the gorgeous furniture, accessories, mirrors and lighting, but there is so, so much more to see.Can you tell where we’re heading? Here’s another view. A huge part of Robyn Story Designs and how she started her business 15 years ago, is… Read more »