#28 Video: Prepping Plastic Planters for Chalk Paint


I thought it would be fun to take some inexpensive plastic planter pots from Home Depot and show you two different finishes with chalk paint. In this video, I’ll show you the first steps to prepping them, which includes TSP and drilling drain holes. In the next series of videos, I’ll use my layering technique and different colors to make one look terra cotta and the other look like stone.

Preparation is an important part of the painting process. To see how I prepare different surfaces for painting, be sure to check out these video tutorials, Video: What You Need to Know About the Three Main Cleaning Solvents Before Painting Furniture,  Video: Shellac and Primer First Step Refinishing With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and  Video: Using TSP to Prepare and Clean Before Painting


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