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Video 23: Painting the Child’s Chair

In Part 2 of this 3 part series on repurposing a vintage children’s chair, I show how I paint our little chair using Chalk Paint. Specific techniques include,  how and why to thin the paint,  and the technique best suited for working with porous, open grained wood. To see the first step in this process, view Part… Read more »

What’s Your Favorite Paint Brush?

  So many of you have asked about the paint brushes I use in the videos, a blog post seemed in order. As you can see I use many different brushes, depending on the medium, the surface, the style and the paint technique. Some are inexpensive chip brushes designed for a one time use. Some are… Read more »

Colorful Children’s Chair

  My color choices always lean toward neutrals and whites, so I like to take the opportunity to add a splash of color when I can.  A vintage child’s chair is perfectly suited for a colorful new look with paint. Small enough it doesn’t overwhelm a setting, and easily repurposed to provide extra storage, it makes… Read more »

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