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Mixing for Purple

  Continuing on the theme of mixing primary colors, the chart above illustrates what happens when Emperor’s Silk and Napoleonic Blue are combined together. A range of strong purple hues is the result. At this time, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint does not offer a dark purple (or bright pink), pre-mixed, so knowing how to mix… Read more »

Mix Your Own Annie Sloan Colors

This is a follow-up on yesterday’s post. Although not an exact match, a little mixing of Emperor’s Silk + English Yellow + Pure White, will result in adding 4 more colors to your Chalk Paint supplies. In addition, white + single color, allows you to make these tints: Tomorrow,  Emperor’s Silk + Napoleonic Blue

Color Studies

  I have been working on some color studies with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint to show how to extend the range of colors. The first ones are focused on what I would consider are her “primary colors”; red, yellow, and blue or Emperor’s Silk, English Yellow, and Napoleonic Blue. Adding Pure White to these three… Read more »

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