Video 41 Painting Shadows and Highlights Part 3


In Part 3 of this video series, Painting Shadows and Highlights, I show you how to seal your chalk paint finish, and discuss the benefits of using wax vs polyurethane.




In my video series  #29 Let’s Do Terra Cotta, I show how to paint a plastic garden pot with Chalk Paint for a terra cotta look.  I take it one step further in Video #30 How to Make Your Terra Cotta Look Old, where I demonstrate how to use chalk paint to create age and patina.

In Video #31 we create a stone surface on another plastic pot and finish the process in Video #32 Adding Age and Patina


carol centracchio

I make my own chalk paint. I can’t afford Annie Sloan. MY question is I want a dark wax but can’t find it. I bought 2 do far and they weren’t dark enough. Would you know of any Dark Wax (other than Annie) I can get for chalk paint furniture?

French Quarter

Love you videos I’m a newbie and need all the help I can get. You make it look so easy.
However I don’t think I will find it that easy, but will give it a try x

Thank you!!


I have always used Annie Sloan wax and prefer that method. However, I am considering using Polycrylic on table tops because I have had clients who don’t take good care of their table tops and set wet drinking glasses on them. I had a client spill wax from an electric candle and melted the wax and topcoat! I have used Artisan Enhancement Topcoat (The only topcoat Annie Sloan recommends) but find it remains soft. I was told by our local stockist that it will remain soft if you live in a humid area. I’ll be experimenting to see if the polyurethane or polycrylic (which does not yellow over time) give the same patina that the wax does! I am open to suggestions! Thank you for your very informative videos & blog! You are always a creative inspiration!


I love the waxed finish on chalk paint. It feels soft , warm and smooth. In the past I used polyurethane and was happy with the finish but I won’t go back to it as long as I’m using Chalk Paint.


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