Video 31- Let’s Do Stone

In this video, I show how to paint a plastic garden pot to look like stone using Chalk Paint. I also introduce another chalk paint, Classico made by Pure & Original Paint, imported from The Netherlands, and soon to be available in the US.

You can use chalk paint to easily create a variety of faux surfaces.  For a faux terra cotta version, painted on a plastic planter, see Video 29-Let’s Do Terra Cotta,  and Video 30-Adding Age and Patina to Terra Cotta.

For more garden inspiration using chalk paint, check out my posts, White Washed Bench,  Spring Forward, and Pink in the Garden

stone pot copy

Video 31


Jackie Brown

Do you know where the Dutch paint Pure & Original will be made available here in the US and when? I love that paint!!

Jackie Brown

Thank you for your reply! Looking forward to hearing more about their launch in the US!

Joyce Bullman

i sure you have been asked many times, but where do you buy the containers you put your paint in? I have searched everywhere!


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