Strong, Dark & Handsome


Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint comes in three colors that I consider strong and dark; Typewriter, Curio, and Artissimo.

Miss Mustard Seed Darks


Curio is a brown that has a warm purple undertone. It reminds me of  the walnut color  that develops on antique finishes with time and wear. Not dead and flat, as in a raw umber, but an interesting hue that borders almost on eggplant.




Artissimo is the darkest blue in Miss Mustard Seed’s color palette. A navy that is much richer on wood, than it appears on a swatch. Not too vibrant or overwhelming, a conservative, restrained, dark blue.





MMS artissimo



Typewriter is the black in MMS Milk Paint palette and is aptly named. More of a lamp, than a more modern jet black. Not a dark charcoal but a true black.

Typewriter black



Trying to choose a color from a small printed swatch can be frustrating. I keep notebooks and journals of my projects and have compiled them into swatch books to share with everyone who loves to paint. To see all the colors of Miss Mustard Seed, check out these posts you may have missed.  MMS Milk Paint Color Swatch Book I  and  MMS Color Swatches II.  If you are considering a red or pink, see my post, MMS Milk Paint – Reds,   and for light neutrals see  MMS Milk Paint Color Stories – Whites


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