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Last week  I attended a remarkable Paint Techniques Class taught by Steve Wallis and held at The Studio at Large at Robyn Story Designs in Tampa, Florida. It was a jam-packed 2 days of instruction and hands on learning in the art of marbling and wood graining paint techniques. Steve is a master artist and faux finisher who generously shares his knowledge with his students. Although this was a beginner class, I was amazed at how far we progressed under his tutelage and guidance.

steve wallis copy

I, like most of the class, was a complete novice in the faux finishing department. Steve has a gentle, encouraging style of teaching that builds confidence in even the least experienced students. His classes were filled with fun, camaraderie, and mutual support, as he helped us get past our personal challenges with the skills and techniques.




All the supplies and materials were provided, along with recipes and formulas for the glazes, paint colors and stains.




By the end of the classes, all of us were able to produce a sample of 4 different marbles: Carerra, Pakistani, Golden Sienna, and Rojoclass 3


As well as the wood grains, Oak, Teak, Rosewood and Mahogany. Here is the class, each proudly displaying his/her favorite technique. (I had already left to catch my flight home, so I’m not in the class photo:(  But I am in the one above – that’s me in the far right hand corner.

classSteve is planning to teach more classes at Robyn Story Designs for beginners and advanced students. If you have the opportunity grab one of the spots in his next one and I might even see you there. You can follow Steve Wallis on his website, CreativePaintingSpecialistsStudio  and  Robyn Story Designs, here and also on Facebook.

Robyn Story has an amazing shop in Tampa, Florida. Tomorrow I’ll give you a peek inside, and believe me you won’t want to leave.

Spring is in the air and I’m sprucing up things outside and in the garden. For some of my outdoor projects, see my posts, Patina and Verdigris, Weathered Zinc, and Spring Forward



Wish this was offered as an online class to purchase for those of use too far away.

Thank you.



Oh my stars, that is awesome! I had no idea this class was going on or I would have been there! I’m just an hour or so south in Sarasota. Thanks for the tip of more classes coming up… I am so excited. LOVE all the finishes. Completely gorgeous and doable with the right instruction. THANK YOU!!!


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