Shades of Lavender

Paloma sec


Rather than paint my vintage finds in a solid one color, I like to mix slightly lighter and darker variations of a hue and layer them on top of each other. It creates a substantially more interesting monochrome finish  that adds interest and dimension to the paint. This petite secretary, a lady’s desk, begged for a gentle feminine choice of color.

Paloma, a softly greyed lavender, provides the primary base of color. Emile and lighter versions of Emile (mixed with Pure White) are painted on to create the shadows and deeper tones. Highlights are made by mixing Paloma with Pure White and dry brushing the edges, corners and raised trim.  Finished with Clear Wax only and no distressing. Although relatively simple and easy to paint, the end result is a finish deeply rich in variations of a light purple.

Paloma and Emile, together, are one of my favorite color palettes when using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint®. For more lovely lavender inspiration be sure to check out these posts, Passionate Purple, English Lavender, and Modern Gustavian By Wisteria. And if you like your purple bold, you will love my post, Custom Purple and Lime Green


martha garrett

Love it very different, I have to try this. I need a little
help I’m painting a chest for a friend she wants the
burberry design, I am thinking, but don’t know which colors
AS paints for the stripes, red browns, etc. thank you Leslie


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