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As I have learned, there is far more to blogging than painting. The painting is just the beginning. After that comes the styling, photographing, writing and the graphic design of the post. I love every part of the painting, from the choosing of paint and colors, to the technique and execution, through to the finishing. Where I get bogged down is with the styling and photographing. I can usually pull it together, with my graphic design skills, and it’s obvious I don’t pretend to be much of a writer.

I almost scrapped this post altogether, due to the complete lack of styling, but there is much to say about the paint and I want to share that aspect of the project.

PBMWdr2Classico Pure & Original’s, chalk based paint is as easy as it gets. Other than a gentle cleaning, there is no prep, no primer, and no finishing. Although many people use it for furniture, it was made for walls. Two coats, applied with a roller or brush and you’re finished. It drys to to a soft, matte, uniform color and finish and after curing, it’s tough as nails and washable.

PB dr

Hopefully you will be mesmerized by the lush, beautiful depth of color in it’s simplicity. The color palette for Pure & Original’s Classico has 140 color options. The most difficult part is narrowing it down to one or two. Polar Blue and Mineral White. Pure magic.


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Hi Leslie,

I adore these colors! Do you think these would be suitable for a Cape Cod beach house? I’m just wondering about the trim -would you paint a gloss over the trim areas to make a contrast with the walls?


Hey Leslie!
Put down that paint brush for one moment, girl friend, and give me some advice! 😜



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