Puerta en España


Puerta en España Bilbao Spain


Located in Bilbao, Spain, this is an entrance of grand scale. Pattern, shape, details and color combine for an architectural masterpiece designed to impress all. Using an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® color palette of Graphite and Florence on your entryway is a great way to add a surprise of color to an otherwise neutral color scheme. For casas of all sizes, it will add a smile to your home.

Many thanks to John and Savannah Darr for their beautiful photos of their recent trip to France and Spain and for allowing me to share them as inspiration for color on Colorways.




Laura Dalton

I just want to thank you for your posts. They are so inspirational and I am extra thrilled now that you’ve started some tutorials. I know they are very labor intensive, but please know I eagerly anticipate each one and study them carefully. Many, many thanks.

Leslie Stocker

Thanks Laura,
The tutorials are being posted on the blog and You Tube with a new one being posted each week.There are 13 at this point and I’m scheduled to film another 10 in October.Thanks for your support and taking the time to comment.I love hearing your feedback.


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