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Video #30 Let’s Do Terra Cotta, Adding Age & Patina

  In this last part of our terra cotta series, I show how to layer blues and greens to give age and character to our painted terra cotta garden planters. If you missed the first 2 videos in this series you can view them here,  Video #28, Preparing for Chalk Paint, and Video #29 Painting a Terra… Read more »

Terra Cotta Inspiration

  Whenever I’m trying to recreate a finish I spend some time studying examples of the real deal. Authentic and aged finishes are rarely one solid color. Rather, different shades and colors, blend and contrast to give a surface complexity and depth. I found this stunning image above on Pinterest and used it as inspiration for… Read more »

#28 Video: Prepping Plastic Planters for Chalk Paint

  I thought it would be fun to take some inexpensive plastic planter pots from Home Depot and show you two different finishes with chalk paint. In this video, I’ll show you the first steps to prepping them, which includes TSP and drilling drain holes. In the next series of videos, I’ll use my layering… Read more »