Orange Knotty Pine Takes on a Lovely Design…

Say hello to Thea Of Sweet Tea Refinishing!


Thea is going to show you how she took a Orange Knotty Pine Armoire and completely restyled it for a lovely more updated look!

Hey there guys!! So,.. let me introduce you to the patient,.. please pardon her nekkedness,.. I was a bit over zealous to begin.  As you can see the doors were removed and one needed a repair.  It was time to prep!

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Just look at all that naughty knotty action! I know, some point in time “we” loved this!  Right? I don’t really know for sure, but I have to think so because it is EVERYWHERE! I promise! Just search “Orange, knotty, pine, armoire”. I had to search it up as I had misplaced the pictures I had taken of this guy.   Plenty of examples popped up!  Luckily I remembered where I very specifically put them for safe keeping,..  Funny how that happens.

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Prep was rather basic! I cleaned the entire piece with Simple Green and a scrubby pad.  I then lightly sanded with 100 grit sand paper.  I wanted to break the sheen, but not break through the finish.  The more you break through the existing finish, the more chance you have of the dreaded “bleed”… Ever experience that? I shudder to think of it.  I wish it on no one…  3 coats of sprayed shellac would come next.  If you have never used it-don’t use it without a respirator.  No, I don’t mean one of those cute little face masks.  I mean a full on, air filtering, respirator!  Don’t get me wrong-I rather like the smell of shellac!  That is what hurt me so badly the first time I used it,… Migraine for 3 days.  Who knows how much brain damage was done…  Once the 3 coats were applied, I again lightly sanded to make sure my paint had something to bite into!

Now what to use?  After years of trying this and that paint, I have found my favorite-go to-paint for furniture.


Pure & Original has an adhesion and work-ability that I have not found in ANY other paint line!  Its like,.. liquid gold to me… Recently I took on two projects using Pure & Original in “Tin Kettle” and “White”. This is when I fell in love..




DSCN4862I absolutely loved working with it!!  For my base I would lay a very thin layer of “Tin Kettle” in Pure & Original’s Classico style paint.  It dries rather quickly and so I immediately came back through and added another slightly thicker layer of “Tin Kettle”blog Ready 6

Just look at the difference! I was so excited to see how it was transformed!! Truly I could have stopped right there.. but I didn’t.  Using a very damp brush, I dipped the very tippy tip of my brush into my Classico “White”. I began doing a white wash over the entire piece allowing the pigment to settle in the recesses.  I then went back with an artists brush to fill in and add a little more depth where I wanted.

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The next day I came back and sanded everything down with 320 grit.  The surface was already exceptionally smooth but this would break through some of the newly applied White to reveal more of the Tin Kettle.

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And there we go! After assembling I was done! I added my new knobs from D. Lawless Hardware and this piece really came together!! I couldn’t believe how well they echoed the design at the top of the armoire!

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And this project was now complete!! I could happily send it back to its forever home!

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So what do you think? Better now than the Naughty Knotty Orange?  I think definitely so!! I love the driftwood style feel of the grain coming through!  Who knew I would come to love those knots!

Thank you so much for allowing me to share in the fun on Colorways!!



Thank you Niki! I have been searching for a paint product I could truly claim to be my favorite! And this is most definitely it!


Sorry if this is a silly question, but did you wax it after painting or does it not require waxing?


That is not silly at all!! Personally I almost ALWAYS do a protective coat. I don’t trust products that tout no top coat needed. I did not, however use anything on this. A. With it being an armoire (hardly any surface wear) it’s less necessary. B. Sanding with a fine grit almost causes a burnishing effect to take place. C. With Pure and Original it truly is MUCH LESS necessary than with anything I have personally ever used! …and I used a lot…


This transformation is really amazing. I have been hearing a lot about Pure and Original. I need to get my hands on some!! Thanks for sharing!


Trina, you won’t regret it! I left links in the blog in case you want to order. I have tried sooo many paints and don’t get me wrong, many have their place and niche! But Pure and Original is my favorite to work with! Hope you try it soon!!

Trina Williams


Thanks you for the encouragement. I will make a point to get my mitts on some soon!!


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