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Painting with a chalk based paint is so, so easy. A light cleaning and you’re good to go. Unless your finish is in a bad state, no stripping, sanding or priming. Pure & Original Classico is the most luxurious paint. It goes on beautifully, levels well, and has great coverage. And the colors are so lovely, muted and organic, nothing too bright or saturated.

colorcard image

I’ve used it so many times before, so using it on a kitchen cabinet refresh was a no brainer.


The classic shaker style cabinets had already been painted, and only one coat of the Classico was all that was needed. I’ve used Polar Blue before and it is a soft natural accent for a white kitchen.

IMG_0631 copy

Although a protective finishing coat is not always necessary with Classico, you want your kitchen cabinets to be low maintenance and heavy duty. Pure & Original has a Dead Flat Eco Seal that is all you need. Two light coats and I was finished.


Paint is an easy way to give your kitchen a facelift. For more kitchen ideas, check out these posts: Diy Kitchen Pendants,  A Tale of Two Kitchen Chandeliers,  and  Custom Purple and Lime Green.



Leslie, are those your cabinets you painted? I am loving that color. My husband will kill me if I do the kitchen again.

Jessica Van Den Berg

I get so excited when I open my email and see you’ve done another blog post! I know I’m going to learn something new and see something gorgeous; your kitchen cabinets were no exception. A little off topic, but I’m very excited about a table I’m working on-it’ll be my first time using your layering and blending technique-hopefully I’ll do it justice. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us!

Susan Smith

I love the color of the cabinets..just starting to learn about using chalk paint. Have a couple pieces of furniture I plan to paint.

Rosemary Foreman

I love your blog and Facebook page! I’m gearing up to paint my golden oak , raised panel kitchen cabinets. Will this paint cover the heavy oak grain? Is there a technique to follow? I wish you were in the SF Bay Area, and could teach a class from my kitchen and 3 bathrooms…golden oak cabinets all waiting…. 🙂


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