Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Color Swatch Book


mms milk paint color swatch book



Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Color Swatch Book  is a digital representation of my own hand painted color samples. Each color was mixed with varying amounts of water. The most opaque color (left swatch)  was mixed with the recommended ratio of 1 part paint to 1 part water. The subsequent swatches were made with increasing amounts of water, with the far right swatch representing a wash (approx 3 parts water to 1 part paint). No colors were mixed together and neither white (Ironstone)  nor  black (Typewriter) were added to make tints or shades.

Although each of the 18 colors was mixed and painted on watercolor paper and scanned into my computer, the colors you see here may vary from the actual paint samples. This is due to the difference in computer screens, software programs, and color calibration.  You can download and print any of my swatch books, including this one, but  remember your colors may look different ( printers and ink  vary tremendously too). Use these as a basic reference only and always refer to an actual painted sample to make a color decision.

If you want to compare these colors to my color swatches of  Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® you can find more color studies by clicking on the Tools tab or referring to my posts ASCP Colors + Tints  and  ASCP Colors + Shades.


Barbara Bussey

Great work, Leslie! As a MMS retailer, I really need to do this in my shop! The possibilites are endless!


Hello Leslie,
Am just familiar with your site, blog, and facebook presence. Thanks so much for providing this rich store of information. The way in which you achieve your trademark looks is what I hope to follow and attempt to achieve. Your work looks so professional and well thought out.


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