Matching Annie Sloan Colors


As a blogger, I get tons and tons and tons of questions, in emails, private messages, and comments. Lately, the most frequently asked question is about matching colors across brands and more specifically, “what color is that in Pure & Original?” Rather than answering each one individually,  it makes a great topic for posts.

nsscr post copyPure & Original Classico is a chalk based paint with all the advantages of chalk. Essentially no prep, waterbased, easy application and cleanup, great coverage, fast drying and an industrial strength, matte, velvety finish. I apply it with the same techniques I use for Annie Sloan; layering, blending, dry brushing, applying washes, combining multiple colors, etc. So when I was asked to match a finish, my first thought was to use French Linen mixed with Old White and Scandinavian Pink ChalkPaint®.French LinenOld WhiteScandinavian Pink

Pure & Original Paint comes in 140 lush colors. Choosing equivalent colors between brands can sometimes be tricky. But I love a color challenge, and I love that Classico requires no wax or sealer. That eliminates one entire step. You know I’m all about easy:)



Here are my 2 choices (no white needed): North Sea Silt for French Linen and Courtly Rose for Scandinavian Pink. Of course, these aren’t exact matches, every paint brand has their own unique formula. But they’re pretty close. What do you think? yes or no.



Here is how I applied the Classico. First Coat: North Sea Silt. Second Coat: Courtly Rose, dry brushed and blended as accents. No distressing, wax or sealer. .

nsscr post copyI plan on working my way through all of the Pure & Original Classico Paint, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® and Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint colors and creating a chart of equivalents. If you are one of the 100’s of readers who’ve sent me a question about color matching, know that I’m answering my pile of emails as fast as I can. Look for more posts to come on color equals. Please leave a message in the comments if you’ve already found the perfect match in a different brand for these paint color palettes.

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Thanks Leslie- you’re the best! I love everything that you do, and how generous you are with your information!

Kathleen Herman

I totally love this finished piece. It looks fantastic from the pic without a sealer. How does it feel without a sealer? Like it was painted with a latex paint? Do you have to use a high grid sandpaper to smooth it out after the final coat? I can’t wait to see more posts.


Hi Leslie,
Where can we get that color chart? I am not familiar with the “Pure and Original” paInt. How do they work? Are they matte or glossy? Do you need to prep furniture? How do you avoid brush marks?
Thanks for your info and sharing!!

Bobbie ~ Hue New Painted Furniture

Do you know when Pure & Original is going to be for sale in the US? I am anxious to try it.


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