Learning To Love Your Kitchen Cabinets Again.

Here is the first post from my first guest blogger, a good friend of mine Diane Grover from The Paint Factory. You’ll love her sense of humor. Enjoy!

Kitchen cabinets: Hard to get excited about painting them, right? Do people even like to paint them? There’s so many of them… and they’re all the same size…And shape. But, often we are faced with the challenge of trying to update our kitchen,  with limited finances. This is where we have to dive in and open a can of paint.  Because, honestly, the easiest and less expensive way of bringing new life to an old, lifeless kitchen is paint.

And trust me, I know.

I live in a house.  And it’s a very, very, very nice house… (sans cats).   But… with standard ‘builders grade’ oak kitchen cabinets.  Solid wood cabinets.  Great for storing things, but just …blah.  And ordinary.  And (hand over heart) I don’t intend to live my life surrounded by ordinary. EVER.

So, sit down.  Grab a coffee, a glass of wine…let’s talk paint.

Scratch that.

Let’s not talk just paint, let’s talk Pure & Original paint. 2887d4062238e589813e42bd9f374cdfIt is sublime.  And I hate myself for loving a paint as much as I do.  Because it’s just stupid to love paint, right? But, it’s like painting with soft, silky pudding.  I’ve been painting about three years and I’ve tried quite a few paint brands.  This paint stands in a class of its own.  Untouchable.

My floorplan is very typical of homes in Portland; open from the kitchen to the living room. I’ve recently painted the feature wall in the living room with Pure & Original Marrakech in Belgium Wilderness (which I absolutely love!). This is the view from my kitchen.oneIt’s a deep rich green.  Totally gorgeous. With that in mind, I needed to pick paint colors for the cabinets that would be complimentary to the dark green.  And it was really a no-brainer.  I choose Ground Neutral and Country Beigekitchen colors

It’s a very safe, somewhat neutral, color palette.  I don’t like picking ‘trendy’ colors because they often have a short lifespan: great for people who like to change it up a bit.  I don’t.  I’m too old to want to repaint my cabinets again.  This is it for me.  I have a feeling this paint finish will last long after my kids have stashed me away in a nursing home.

Because I played it safe with the palette, I have the option of adding a POP! of color here and there. The great thing about going neutral is you can change the color of your accessories with little, or no effort. I had an industrial vintage lamp that I knew I wanted to use, so I choose Kenyan Copper.  pure and original kenyan copper

Wowza.  I know.  I can’t contain myself with how my kitchen turned out!

Before I show you the kitchen, let’s just go through some of the steps you will need to take to get the finish of your dreams.

Always wash your cabinets with TSP or a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water (very important in a kitchen where there’s a good chance of grease build-up). Let them dry.  I personally prefer to take the doors off before I paint: I wanted the kitchen to look clean and sharp. To paint the doors and frames I used this small inexpensive foam roller  (in England we would say it’s ‘as cheap as chips!) and a small angled paintbrush to get into the corners. The foam roller worked PERFECTLY! You shouldn’t need to sand, the roller leaves a super smooth finish.  But, if you do feel you need to sand, use a 220 sandpaper. The cabinets were painted with two thin coats of the Classico.  And the coverage was excellent.  Two thin coats of Pure & Original Dead Flat Eco Sealer applied with a brush (super easy to apply) and I was finished.

One with sigI absolutely love it.  In terms of painting ease, this was a ‘walk in the park, with an ice-cream, and time for a ride on the carousel’.  Easy, easy, easy. (The ‘Janitor’ sign tells a lot about how I feel in my home!).


The light plate over the sink was painted with Kenyan Copper to coordinate with the vintage light fixture.

I used leftover Wallprim (waste not, want not) in Belgium Wilderness from my Marrakech treatment for the back of the cabinets.  I have a large collection of Portmeirion dishes, and the deep green makes a beautiful backdrop for them.


The wooden spice rack was painted with the sample pot of Kenyan Copper  (I made this sample pot go a long way).  No need to go shopping for ‘smalls’ to coordinate with your colors.  Just paint something!


So, the often necessary evil of painting kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be that evil or difficult.  It was so worth saving my cabinets and giving them a custom look.  They look anything other than ‘builders grade’. This paint is crazy awesome.  I’m totally in love with it (Tell no-one. It’s weird loving a paint).  Here’s the best part of this post: Pure & Original are having a promotion for the month of April!  Two quarts of Classico (any color) for $70.

Yep, now is the time to take the leap and dive in.  Trust me, you’ll fall in love with your kitchen all over again.

{insert catchy ending phrase here}

Diane aka The Paint Factory



Diane, I would love to try the Pure and Original paint. Did you need a primer on your cabinets? Would you need a primer on cabinets previously painted with enamel?

Diane Grover

Hi Ann! No, you shouldn’t need to. It’s a ‘sticker’, in terms of painting adherence! I always go with the mantra ‘if in doubt…’ If it givves you peace of mind, I’d use Kiltz primer.

Kathy wilhelmi

Love what you have done . Beautiful color selection. I have almost completed a set of cabinets 28 doors and 24
drawer faces, a huge endeavor but worth outcome!

Diane Grover

I would say ‘HUGE’ is the understatement!! I’d love to see them when they’re finished, Kathy.

Diane Grover

Kim, I used Pure & Original Dead Flat Eco-Sealer. Itgives a beautiful matte finish. I applied it with a brush, and put two thin coats on. There’s a link in the post if you’re interested in checking it out.

Brenda Young

I was wondering how well Pure and Original would be for kitchen cabinets, now I know thanks for sharing.With so many colors to choose from you picked a great color combination. Diane this selection goes together perfectly and I love the two tone cabinet pairing. Beautiful!

Diane Grover

The cabinets have undergone the ‘spaghetti sauce AND dried BBQ sauce’ test (yes, we are a messy family!) and they cleaned up perfectly!


Hi Diane, Your cabinets look beautiful! I love P&O paint myself but I don’t have the neutral ground color. Is it a similar shade as ASCP old ochre? Thanks!


Hi Diane,
I am going to jump in and take the challenge of painting my kitchen cabinets. I have used ACCP and excited to try Pure and Original. I love your color combinations. My countertops are white tile with a hint of grey around the edges and grey grout. Hoping one day to replace but the budget for now, it will stay. My appliances are white. Will the color combination work or would you suggest another color. I also have an open floor plan, kitchen & main livingroom all neutral warm colors, tans, greens and the floor is wood. You suggestions would be great!!

Diane Grover

I think the color combo would work. My countertop is grey speckled granite! My living room is Belgium Wilderness (feature wall) and a light tan on the others. So I would say ‘It’s a GO!!’.


Hi Diane
Not sure if my other message went through. How much Eco sealer do I need to cover 200 square feet.


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