Layering MMS Milk Paint


MMS Milk Paint French Enamel over Flow Blue


You know I am a girl who is never satisfied with just one color of paint. I am all about layering color over color. So as I have been trying out all the colors of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, one of the first techniques I used was my favorite layering. It creates a depth and complexity that is impossible to get with a solid one color finish. I know it works with Chalk Paint, but Milk Paint? …..I wasn’t so sure. That “chippy”, “peeling”, look that so many people love had me a little uneasy. Unpredictable is the word I heard most often to describe Milk Paint and I like to control my medium.

I found this cabinet for storing all of my letterpress typefaces and thought it a perfect candidate for Milk Paint. It actually needed more structural work than I anticipated and it was already peeling. What did I have to lose? Nothing, it turns out. MMS Milk Paint, Flow Blue was the first coat, solidly painted, followed by a wash of French Enamel. Above photo is a close up. I love it! It looks authentic, vintage, and not like a shiny new coat of paint.

I am adding an additional photo by Miss Mustard Seed of the same combination for another perspective.


Miss Mustard SeedFrench Enamel over Flow Blue


Blue is my favorite color and I have a Board on Pinterest for inspiration called Blue-tiful. But probably my most popular Pinterest Boards are ASCP-Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint.

For more blue combinations see my posts, Chinese Apothecary Cabinet,  Little Step Stool,  and  A Denim Blue  (very similar to this post, MMS Milk Paint French Enamel over Flow Blue).



Leslie Stocker

Thanks, I’m new to MMS but I love her colors and the fact it is so environmentally friendly. Not wild about having to mix it but I will get used to that. Thanks for commenting. Happy Holidays,


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