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hall Mirror copy

Last week when I posted about this vintage vanity dressing table, my inbox filled with questions about the process I used to paint the mirror hanging above it. Another thrift store bargain, it was bright yellow when I found it last year. The lines are so graceful, and French, I’m sure the color (think school bus) is the reason it had been overlooked.

My layering technique has its roots in this piece and it was truly accidental. My original color of choice was Versailles, but it just didn’t work for me. Adding a light coat of French Linen helped and dabbing on Paris Grey made the finish interesting and complex. Louis Blue was an afterthought that I dry brushed on while I was working on the armoire (also in the foyer). Clear wax to seal and a heavy dose of gold wax highlights and voila.  I am so happy with how this turned out that I almost never paint anything just one color anymore. And I want to give due credit to Chalk Paint, I was never able to get this effect with latex or acrylics. Painting has become easy, and creative again.

If you are needing inspiration to take Chalk Paint out for a spin, check out these easy projects in my posts, Old Table, New Look,  Two Steps, and,  Shamrock Step Stool. And if you want to see more about my layering  and other techniques, you can find  all of my video tutorials by clicking on the Tools tab.



Barbara Roth

I love your blog and I love Annie Sloan chalk paint. This post talks about gold wax highlights. I have an old brass bed frame I want to paint with dark chalk paint and metallic accents(gold). What gold or metallic paint do you suggest since Annie doesn’t make any? Thx

Leslie Stocker

For Gold Paint I use Rustoleum Bright Shiny Gold Spray paint unless it’s something small and then I use Krylon Gold Leaf Pen. Good Luck with your bed and I would love to see it when you finish. Thanks for asking, Leslie xxoo


Hello Leslie! You mentioned gold wax highlights in your post. How do you make this wax? Many thanks! Lee


Leslie, I call this one extremely “happy accident” when you didn’t like the initial coat of Versailles! The mirror is absolutely stunning. I don’t want to imagine it school bus orange. 🙂 Thank you!


I love this color combo!! I’m doing a bassinet and I did a base coat of versailles last night but just felt eh about it. I was thinking Paris Grey over but I think I’ll add in some french linen as well and some old white instead of lous blue. Thanks for all your inspiration!!


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